LED Dance Floor Rental New York



Looking for the best LED dance floor rental in New York? Look no further than LED Dance Floor USA, the nation's leader in luxury portable lighted dance floor rentals. Our impeccable record and top-of-the-line light up stages make us the most reliable and efficient choice for your event.

Our unparalleled level of service and ultra-bright floors are just a couple of the reasons why customers choose us time and time again. We pride ourselves on building all of our own stages right here in the USA, providing a level of comfort and quality that foreign-made products can't match. New Yorkers know that when they need the best light up dance floor rental possible, they turn to us.

The luxury provided by a light up dance floor is unmatched in quality and performance, making it the perfect addition to any party, trade show, commercial, movie, music video, or fashion show. With the best lighted dance floor in the USA, you can be sure that you're getting the best not just in New York, but in the world.

In this image series, you can see one of our 20ft x 20ft multicolor lighted dance floor rentals in action at a commercial in New York City. The screen is spandex on a frame with a projector behind it, and the reflective nature of our acrylic tiles added to the fantasy setting's dramatic effect. We're proud of our service as much as we are of our products, and we strive to be the best at everything we do.

At LED Dance Floor USA, we always aim for the A+. Our service will never falter or fail, and we owe our success to our employees and customers. For details, pricing, or any questions, please contact us or give us a call. Thank you for visiting, and God bless!